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Mel Color Harris

Smash Adams Melanin Fan Art

28 Nov 14
Jerrod Smith
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We posted the inked version of this drawing of Melanin from our boy Adam “Smash Adams” Harris a while ago. He recently came back to it to try out some digital coloring. Here’s the finished result.

Melanin Fan Art - Adam Harris

In other news, we posted page 57 of “The Hero Plot Trial” earlier this week. Check it out below.



Observing The BlackGuard Entry 14: Afia Melanin and O.D.A.N.

19 Sep 12
Jerrod Smith
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This next pairing begets the most animosity, next to the Jonnie/Odan rivalry. The two most confrontational members of The BlackGuard: Odan and Afia.

I know I said in a previous entry that Jonnie was the most prone towards acts of violence alongside Afia, and I still stand by that, but Odan is still the only team member that matches Afia in confrontational nature. Odan needs not be physical in order to achieve this. As he has shown numerous times, he is verbally aggressive. He and Afia share the traits of tenacity and impudence. In other words, they have no problem telling others (specifically, each other) what’s on their minds.

Afia’s aversion to Odan stems from the fact that he embodies an entire culture which she abhors. Odan’s personality is a product of the influence of gangster rap music. Though most rappers tend to take a great deal of pride in being black MEN, little respect is paid in this culture to the black WOMEN. Odan reflects this attitude as he sees nothing wrong with using the b-word in reference to females. I think that alone has the potential to bring Afia and Odan to fisticuffs. Unfortunately, there are more problems between them.

As I mentioned, Odan is heavily influenced by a community that thinks little of the opposite gender. This misogynistic attitude makes it difficult for him to accept that a female is far stronger than him, which Afia clearly is. To counter the feeling of insecurity he has around Afia, Odan resorts to openly questioning her gender. I don’t think he actually believes his own accusations, but that doesn’t stop him from making them.

Also, I notice that when it comes to Jonnie, Odan does not hesitate to issue or accept a challenge. The two have threatened to fight each other twice already today. This is not the case with Afia. I’m not saying Odan is scared of Afia, but I do think he fears the damage a loss to her would do to his pride. In the case of battling Jonnie, Odan is confidant he would be victorious, but I suspect there may be a part of Odan that wonders whether he could defeat Afia. Of course, he’ll never admit that doubt exists.

Odan comes from a dog-eat-dog world, where only the strong survive and compassion is considered a weakness. Naturally, Odan has grown up learning to look out for only himself. In contrast, Afia, though clearly not a team player, considers herself to be a champion of her people. She fights not only for herself, but for an entire race (at least in her eyes). Afia sees Odan as expendable to the black race and an embarrassment to the the term AFRICAN American. Odan sees Afia as self-righteous and delusional.

Excuse me if this is overkill, but I just wanted to throw in one more difference I noticed when it comes to these two: their views on battle. Afia is very straight-forward when it comes to fighting. She prefers to face her opponent directly, look them in the eyes, and fight until there is a victor. Sneak attacks and retreating are not even options for her. Odan, though, is a gangster and a ninja. Those two tactics are his bread and butter. Naturally, Afia and Odan do not agree on battlefield tactics.

– Dr. Hugo Cranium

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Now For Sale

What’s Next?

27 Oct 11
Jerrod Smith
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I’m going to keep this short, but I thought I should write something to let everyone know what to expect from BOSC Comics for the next few weeks.

So, the page we posted yesterday was the final page of “Monkey See… Monkey Free?!” I’ve been working on the rough draft of the next chapter for a few weeks now, but Will and I still have some fine tuning to do. This time, we want to have a better idea of how the story unfolds before we start it. Last time, we actually cut out an entire segment of MSMF at the last second when we were already halfway through it (the second half of the flashback scene, after Dirk’s death). Everything still turned out fine, but we kind of want to avoid that this time.

I guess I said all that to explain why there won’t be any new BlackGuard strips for the next few weeks. That doesn’t mean we won’t be adding anything new. We’re going to be making updates to the BlackGuard character profiles, which will probably include redrawn profile pictures to match Will’s current style. I have a few blog ideas about BlackGuard that you hardcore fans might dig. I’m sure Will’s going to produce his share of artwork over the next few weeks. And who knows, maybe we’ll FINALLY produce some new strips from The Great Purging during this break.

– Jerrod

Cola-Con, Blackguard Issue #1, and More…

16 Sep 11
Jerrod Smith
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So this is probably the first blog I’ve written in a few months. I’ve gotten behind on my work ever since I took on a second website (I’ll talk about that later). We had to push a few pages back over the past couple of weeks due to our packed schedules. I’ll try to catch you all up on everything the BOSC have been up to lately.


First of all, we went to Cola-Con, a hip-hop and comics convention, about two weeks ago in Columbia, South Carolina. Nothing but dope comics and dope music. We handed out a few prototype versions of the first printed issue of Blackguard and got a lot of good feedback. We also got to sit through two panel discussions, one of which was about the connections between the hip-hop and comics cultures (I couldn’t help but think of Odan and Dirk Sanders the whole time). Oh yeah, and did I mention Talib Kweli and 9nth Wonder were there? We saw them perform live near the end of the event.

Blackguard Issue #1

The original plan was for us to have the first issue of Blackguard (the first 24 strips) printed to hand out at Cola-Con. Little did we know how much work it would take to make each page print-ready. It also didn’t help that I had no idea what I was doing (I still don’t quite understand margins and bleeding). After fumbling with the files on and off for about two weeks, we realized the only way the issues would be ready in time for Cola-Con was if we payed about one and a half times the original price and had submitted it a month ago. That’s when we made a last minute stop by Fed-Ex and made about six sample printings.

The upside to this is that we originally would’ve printed those first 30 or so copies without printing a test issue. But because we’re not in a rush anymore, we did print one, which arrived in the mail just a few days ago.

Blackguard Issue #1

This copy looks good, but there are a few changes we’d like to make before printing more. We also plan on looking into making this issue available for fans to purchase online.

New Sketchcards

If you’ve been following our artwork updates, you’ve probably seen the images from the “Sketchpad” series. Well we’ve got three new additions to that series: Geronimo Jones, Crucial Da Ape, and Dirk Sanders. You can find these at the Artwork Page

Overflow Festival

So what’s been keeping me so busy the past few weeks that I haven’t been able to keep our audience properly updated? I started working on a website for a local event here in savannah called Overflow. It’s a festival designed to showcase the many artistically gifted people in the area. The event will have something for people of all ages and is being setup as a family event. For those of you in or near Savannah, Georgia, it takes place October 9 at Daffin Park. Check out the website here.

Blackguard’s “Monkey See… Monkey Free?!”

We’re approaching the finale of the MSMF story arc. We posted Part 42 last week, and Part 43 should be up by next week. The storyline will be wrapped up within the next few pages, and then it’s onto the second chapter, tentatively named “Group Therapy” (That name’s Probably going to change).

That’s all I can think of right now. I’ll try to use this blog a little more frequently to keep everyone updated on the weekly activities of The Brothers of Spontaneous Combustion. That is what it’s here for after all. See ya.

“Monkey See… Monkey Free?!” Part 26

11 May 11
Jerrod Smith
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So, originally, we said we would have a new page from The Great Purging this week instead of a new Blackguard page. And yet here we are, promoting MSMF: Part 26 instead of a new TGP page.

Well, there are a few reasons for that, but the main one is that the characters of TGP needed a makeover. The Great Purging was our earliest idea for a comic strip, created around five years ago. When Will first designed the characters, he was just beginning to adopt a more cartoonish look. In the years since then, he’s come up with a unique style, and the old designs didn’t fit this style. So instead of a strip, the week was spent working on the updated look of the cast.

That brings us back to Blackguard. This week we give a very brief account of how the team ended their first mission and, at the same time, lay the seeds for a few plot points to come. So pay close attention to this page when you read it. Click on the preview below to see the whole thing.

MSMF Part 26


– Jerrod

“Monkey See… Monkey Free?!” Parts 22 & 23

13 Apr 11
Jerrod Smith
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This week we have two new pages of “Monkey See… Monkey Free?!”, with Part 22 and Part 23.

We found some new fonts recently, so the lettering on these two latest pages looks better than ever. It’s funny looking at these pages and comparing them to the ones we were posting less than a year ago.

– Jerrod

“Monkey See… Monkey Free?!” Part 20/21

07 Apr 11
Jerrod Smith
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We got a late start on this week’s post because we had trouble deciding on the layout of the page. Finally, Will came up with the two-page spread. The combination of having a late start and having tow pages to color caused us to have to push the post back to today. But better late than never. Check out this week’s installment of Blackguard here.


Back From Megacon With “Monkey See” 19

30 Mar 11
Jerrod Smith
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So Will and I went to Megacon over the weekend. With our job being a little short-staffed, we had to work extra hours Monday – Thursday in order to get the weekend off, which is why we didn’t post anything new last week.
But this week we have Part 19 of “Monkey See… Monkey Free?!” Below is a preview shot of the page.

We’ll post a blog later this week with some pics from Megacon.

– Jerrod