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New BlackGuard Height Chart

21 Nov 14
Jerrod Smith
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In preparation for the upcoming Vendetta story arc, Will’s going to be doing some updated height charts for both old and new BlackGuard characters. Here’s the first. Expect more over the next few weeks.

BlackGuard height chart - Crucial, Odan, Staples, Melanin, Doome, Fro-bot

In other news, the next BlackGuard page will be posted on Monday. After that, we’re taking a short break for Thanksgiving. Hopefully, we’ll have enought time to wrap up “The Hero Plot Trial” before Christmas break.

See ya soon,


Not Much to Say

05 Jun 13
Jerrod Smith
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Well, I have bad news and good news. The bad news: I don’t have much of a blog prepared for today. The good news: I decided to skip out on today’s blog to wrap up the script for BlackGuard’s “The Hero Plot Trial”, which is nearly finished. I really didn’t expect this script to take this long. I started when we were still only about halfway through “BlackGuard vs. The Goonz”, and I was only put behind about a week and a half when my old laptop died since I was still able to recover my files.

I was a little stressed at first about how slowly progress on this storyline was going, but looking over it now, I think this is the best one I’ve written so far. I feel more confident in both the pacing and the comedy. On an average day, I would take three or four hours just to write 2-3 pages. Considering, this story arc consists of the next six months of updates, I think I can live with spending the amount of time I did on it.

On a different note, we’re trying to do a little research on our current audience. We just recently launched a survey to collect information on our readers. We would appreciate it if you would take a minute or two to fill it out. If you do, you’ll be entered in a drawing to win some free copies of BlackGuard issues as well as a drawing from Will of any character you choose! You can find the survey here.

Back to work. Peace.

– Jerrod