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The New BlackGuard Logo, comiXology

14 Mar 14
Jerrod Smith
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Sorry we don’t have a new page today, but we do have a few updates for you all.

BlackGuard Logo
Back in January, I posted a blog about us working on a new design for the BlackGuard logo. We actually finalized that a while ago. I just never got the time to post a new blog about it. But I have a little time today, so here it is.

BlackGuard Logo Full

BlackGuard Logo Full 2

There are two variations that we’ll alternate between based on the circumstances. We’ve actually already begun using the new logo, which brings me to the next topic of this blog…

comiXology Submit
I’ve been talking about submitting our comics to comiXology since around this time last year. I didn’t do it immediately because I wanted to make sure our stuff was top quality first. After re-lettering every page of issue 1 and designing a new logo, we finally submitted Issue 1 of BlackGuard for review on February 13. We’re still waiting to hear back from them, but here’s Issue 1’s front cover with the new logo.

Issue 1 Cover

Right now, waiting is the hardest part. Regardless, we’ll keep moving forward. We have a lot planned for this year.