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New Website. New Villains!

19 Nov 15
Jerrod Smith
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I know it’s been a while since the last update, but I’ve been really focused on getting the new site design up. If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve switched to more of a blog design. All news and updates from now on will be posted as new blogs.

Also, the newest page of the comic is no longer on the home page. We’re getting away from the webcomic style a little, and going more for an online comic book. Instead of grouping the pages by storylines, they’re now separated into issues. You can jump straight to any issue from the BlackGuard drop-down menu.

One more thing. The website is now finally (mostly) mobile-friendly. For those of you who’ve had trouble reading BlackGuard on a mobile device in the past, it should be a lot easier now.

Now that we got that out the way, on to the interesting stuff. With the start of a new BlackGuard chapter comes new threats in the form of new villains. What makes these guys different from other past BlackGuard adversaries though is they have history with the team.

Here, we have some concept art for the new characters, starting with Sashi, a long time rival of Afia Melanin.

Sashi 1

Sashi 2Sashi 3

Next is Shelly the Seamstress, an old flame of Jonnie Staples.

Seamstress 1

Seamstress 2

And last, Demetrius, a man with a serious grudge against Odan.

Demetrius 1

Demetrius 2

Next blog, we’ll be showing off some updated looks for the members of the BlackGuard.  Until then, peace.


Throwback Thursday – 10/1/15

01 Oct 15
Jerrod Smith
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Throwback Thursday! With Monkey See… Monkey Free?! page 22.

Page 22 of BlackGuard's 'Monkey See... Monkey Free?!'

Posted April 13, 2011. Doome helps Dirk reach safety.

Abbey Road

Even More Promo Art!

09 Sep 15
Jerrod Smith
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It’s been a few weeks since the last update but the artwork’s still coming.  Before we get into that though, I just wanted to let everyone know we will be making major changes to the website soon.  The home page of the blog will become the main home page, and the blog will become our main place for news and updates.  The BlackGuard comic will still be on the site, it just won’t be the first thing you see anymore.  We’re also going to separate the comic into issues instead of story arcs when the change happens.

Anyway, we have two more entries in the Famous Fours series, starting with one of the most commonly remade pictures, “Abbey Road”.

Abbey Road

The BlackGuard walk Abbey Road

Also, the front cover of Fantastic Four #1

Fantastic Four

The Blacktastic Four!

Other than that we got some more duo shots, featuring the semi-friendship of Darius Doome and Jonnie Staples…

Doome and Staples

The “buddies” of the BlackGuard

And the only two responsible people in this messed up team, Eli Mercer and Sequoia.

Sequoia and Mercer

The Logic and the Leadership

MSMF P20/21

Throwback Thursday – 8/27/15

27 Aug 15
Jerrod Smith
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Throwback Thursday! Featuring Monkey See… Monkey Free?! page 20/21.

Page 20 of BlackGuard's 'Monkey See... Monkey Free?!'

Posted April 7, 2011. Staples and Odan compete for the last kill.

TMNT Promo

More Promo Art!

21 Aug 15
Jerrod Smith
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Will and I are still working on “Ghosts of Sins Past”, but until that’s ready, we’ll keep updating you all with new artwork and designs.

In continuation of the “Famous Fours” series, here’s the BlackGuard recreating the classic Ninja Turtles cover. As two guys that grew up on Ninja Turtles, we couldn’t NOT do this.

TMNT Promo

The BlackGuard do their best Turtles impression.

We also have the two cockiest members of the team, Melanin and Odan, posing together for once.


The biggest egos in the BlackGuard.

Last, here’s another Melanin pic. Unfortunately the colored version didn’t come out that great, but the inked version still looks good.

Mel Inked

Melanin Inked

Throwback Thursday – 8/13/15

13 Aug 15
Jerrod Smith
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It’s another Throwback Thursday, and today we’re visiting Monkey See… Monkey Free?! page 19.

Page 19 of BlackGuard's 'Monkey See... Monkey Free?!'

Posted March 30, 2011. By this point, we were having way too much fun with the Dirk Sanders character. Considering that, reaching the last page of this issue was a little bitter-sweet.

BlackGuard Gorillaz Promo

Ghosts of Sins Past Promo Art!

07 Aug 15
Jerrod Smith
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I want to start this blog off by saying yes, Will and I are aware the last chapter of BlackGuard ended back in December of 2014, and we know this has been the longest amount of time that’s ever passed between updates since we started this comic, but there is good reason for the delay. We haven’t abandoned the project, and the long awaited return of the underdog super hero team of outcasts is in under development right now.

The picture at the top of this page is a promo piece Will did in the style of The Gorillaz’ Demon Days album cover for the BlackGuard’s return. This is the first in a series of pictures re-imagining classic groups of four with the members of the team.

Of course, as with every new chapter, we’re thinking of some new character designs. Below is a few new takes on Afia Melanin’s look.

Melanin Return

Melanin in Ghosts of Sins Past

We also have Doome and Odan with some new gear.

Doome Return

Doome in Ghosts of Sins Past

Odan Return

Odan in Ghosts of Sins Past

And just for the hell of it, here’s a topless Jonnie Staples.

Staples Return

Topless Staples

Throwback Thursday – 8/6/2015

06 Aug 15
Jerrod Smith
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It’s Throwback Thursday, and today we’re looking back at Monkey See… Monkey Free page 18.

Page 18 of BlackGuard's 'Monkey See... Monkey Free?!'

This page, posted March 16, 2011, showed that, despite Dirk Sanders’ love of hip hop, he couldn’t help behaving like a stereotypical Caucasian in a black man’s “white people” joke.

BlackGuard Returning for 2015!

30 Apr 15
Jerrod Smith
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Sup. It’s been a while since we gave you all any updates on the comic. We apologize for the silence, but we promise that it’s because we’ve been mad busy, not lazy.

So, as we said a few months ago, BlackGuard will be changing slightly with the next upcoming story arc. We’re basically abandoning the webcomic format and going with a traditional comic book style. This means larger panels and a slightly slower pacing of the story. It’s fitting that we’re making this change for the next chapter, currently titled “Ghosts of Sins Past” (GOSP), as it will have a slightly more emotional tone than past arcs.

Speaking of GOSP, Will and I are excited about this arc because it explores a topic we’ve been asked about since BlackGuard first launched: What are the back-stories of the BlackGuard? In the past, we’ve hinted at aspects of each character’s past (most notably in The Hero Plot Trial), but avoided giving away too much info. GOSP will be the start of exploring their backgrounds. I say “start” because honestly, between the seven members of the team, there’s too much back-story to fit into this storyline.

One last thing I wanted to mention. If you’re following us on Twitter and Facebook, you’ve probably seen updates from us over the past few weeks with #IndiePower. We became part of the new Indie Comics Power network. Basically, it’s a group of independent comic creators and publishers that have all come together to share our audiences by sharing each other’s content through social media. If you have a comic and want in, try visiting this page, and let the guys in charge know about your book.

That’s all for now. Peace.


Mel Color Harris

Smash Adams Melanin Fan Art

28 Nov 14
Jerrod Smith
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We posted the inked version of this drawing of Melanin from our boy Adam “Smash Adams” Harris a while ago. He recently came back to it to try out some digital coloring. Here’s the finished result.

Melanin Fan Art - Adam Harris

In other news, we posted page 57 of “The Hero Plot Trial” earlier this week. Check it out below.