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The goal of BOSC Comics is simple: To make the types of comics we like. We're not trying to revolutionize comic books, and, at the same time, we're not trying to follow in anyone else's footsteps. Instead, we take influence from the many titles and genres that inspire us and blend them together to create something unique and entertaining. In our comics you will find traces of traditional comic books, manga, video games, hip hop, Saturday morning cartoons, wrestling, and anything else we can manage to fit in.

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BG I8 P4

BlackGuard Chapter Format

In case you missed it, we recently started Issue 8 of BlackGuard (the beginning of “Ghosts of Sins Past”) on the website. What we posted isn’t the entire issue, just the first chapter. From now on, instead of posting a page at a time, we’ll be posting around 7 at a time as chapters. Will […]

24 Jan 17 Jerrod Smith
MSMF 2-2

Throwback Thursday – 3/31/16

Issue #2, Page 2 The BlackGuard show their true heroic colors.

31 Mar 16 Jerrod Smith
BlackGuard 2-1

Throwback Thursday – 3/17/16

The first page of Issue 2.  Just when things seemed bad enough, Mercer receives more bad news.

17 Mar 16 Jerrod Smith
MSMF 1-24

Throwback Thursday – 3/10/16

The last time we saw Dirk Sanders. Unless I’m mistaken, I’m pretty sure this was the last time Will drew Dirk in the comic. This was Mr. Sanders final official appearance.

10 Mar 16 Jerrod Smith

Meet Agent Sova

In preparation for the next issue of BlackGuard, we showed some concept art for the new villains appearing in it. Well, we have one more character to show you. This one isn’t a villain, but he’s not exactly a friend either, at least not to the BlackGuard. His name’s Agent Sova, and he’s here to […]

08 Mar 16 Jerrod Smith

BlackGuard Issue #2 Released on comiXology!

Issue #2 of our dysfunctional superhero action-comedy is now on comiXology and available for download here!

20 Jan 16 Jerrod Smith

Throwback Thursday – 1/14/16

Monkey See… Monkey Free?! pg. 23 Dirk Sanders, Ice Cube you are not.

14 Jan 16 Jerrod Smith
Demon Daze Poster

BOSC Comics Store On the Way!

It’s 2016, and BOSC Comics is planning on making a comeback this year. We had to take a year off from making comics to recharge and focus on other projects, but this year will be different than 2015. We’re not saying things are going to return to the way they were. We’re still not going […]

05 Jan 16 Jerrod Smith
6th B-Day

BlackGuard Issue 2 Finally Comes to comiXology

Issue 1 of BlackGuard appeared on the digital comic site comiXology awhile ago, and to tell you the truth, all seven completed issues were supposed to be up by now, but Will and I got busy with other projects and had to delay that for some time. But now we’re back on track and happy […]

18 Dec 15 Jerrod Smith

New Looks for the BlackGuard

Our last update featured some concept art showcasing the looks for the new villains appearing in the next BlackGuard story arc.  Those were cool, but if you know the BlackGuard, they don’t like to be outdone.  So of course the team has a few new looks to show off themselves. Until next time, peace.

01 Dec 15 Jerrod Smith

New Website. New Villains!

I know it’s been a while since the last update, but I’ve been really focused on getting the new site design up. If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve switched to more of a blog design. All news and updates from now on will be posted as new blogs. Also, the newest page of the […]

19 Nov 15 Jerrod Smith

Throwback Thursday – 10/1/15

Throwback Thursday! With Monkey See… Monkey Free?! page 22. Posted April 13, 2011. Doome helps Dirk reach safety.

01 Oct 15 Jerrod Smith
Abbey Road

Even More Promo Art!

It’s been a few weeks since the last update but the artwork’s still coming.  Before we get into that though, I just wanted to let everyone know we will be making major changes to the website soon.  The home page of the blog will become the main home page, and the blog will become our […]

09 Sep 15 Jerrod Smith
MSMF P20/21

Throwback Thursday – 8/27/15

Throwback Thursday! Featuring Monkey See… Monkey Free?! page 20/21. Posted April 7, 2011. Staples and Odan compete for the last kill.

27 Aug 15 Jerrod Smith
TMNT Promo

More Promo Art!

Will and I are still working on “Ghosts of Sins Past”, but until that’s ready, we’ll keep updating you all with new artwork and designs. In continuation of the “Famous Fours” series, here’s the BlackGuard recreating the classic Ninja Turtles cover. As two guys that grew up on Ninja Turtles, we couldn’t NOT do this. […]

21 Aug 15 Jerrod Smith

Throwback Thursday – 8/13/15

It’s another Throwback Thursday, and today we’re visiting Monkey See… Monkey Free?! page 19. Posted March 30, 2011. By this point, we were having way too much fun with the Dirk Sanders character. Considering that, reaching the last page of this issue was a little bitter-sweet.

13 Aug 15 Jerrod Smith
BlackGuard Gorillaz Promo

Ghosts of Sins Past Promo Art!

I want to start this blog off by saying yes, Will and I are aware the last chapter of BlackGuard ended back in December of 2014, and we know this has been the longest amount of time that’s ever passed between updates since we started this comic, but there is good reason for the delay. […]

07 Aug 15 Jerrod Smith

Throwback Thursday – 8/6/2015

It’s Throwback Thursday, and today we’re looking back at Monkey See… Monkey Free page 18. This page, posted March 16, 2011, showed that, despite Dirk Sanders’ love of hip hop, he couldn’t help behaving like a stereotypical Caucasian in a black man’s “white people” joke.

06 Aug 15 Jerrod Smith

BlackGuard Returning for 2015!

Sup. It’s been a while since we gave you all any updates on the comic. We apologize for the silence, but we promise that it’s because we’ve been mad busy, not lazy. So, as we said a few months ago, BlackGuard will be changing slightly with the next upcoming story arc. We’re basically abandoning the […]

30 Apr 15 Jerrod Smith
Mel Color Harris

Smash Adams Melanin Fan Art

We posted the inked version of this drawing of Melanin from our boy Adam “Smash Adams” Harris a while ago. He recently came back to it to try out some digital coloring. Here’s the finished result. In other news, we posted page 57 of “The Hero Plot Trial” earlier this week. Check it out below. […]

28 Nov 14 Jerrod Smith

New BlackGuard Height Chart

In preparation for the upcoming Vendetta story arc, Will’s going to be doing some updated height charts for both old and new BlackGuard characters. Here’s the first. Expect more over the next few weeks. In other news, the next BlackGuard page will be posted on Monday. After that, we’re taking a short break for Thanksgiving. […]

21 Nov 14 Jerrod Smith

BlackGuard to Be Restructured Soon

We’re approaching the end of “The Hero Plot Trial” in BlackGuard. Once it’s done we’ll be taking a quick break for the holidays. The next you’ll be seeing from us will be updates on the developments of the next story arc (currently title “Vendetta” but not for certain). These will most likely be new outfit […]

14 Nov 14 Jerrod Smith

It’s the BOSC Birthday Month

November is always a big month for us. Not only are both of our birthdays this month, but this is also the month that we came up with the idea for BlackGuard. It was back in November of 2009 when Will first came to me with the name “Jonnie Staples”. He told me that he […]

05 Nov 14 Jerrod Smith

New Rock 106.1 Comic Strip

So you may have heard that Will had to have a wisdom tooth removed last week. That put us behind a little, which is why we didn’t post a new page last week and probably won’t have one this week either. On a good note though, we started a monthly comic strip for the Savannah/Hilton […]

31 Oct 14 Jerrod Smith

Help Sponsor BOSC Comics for $1 a Month!

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Patreon, but it’s a crowd funding site for creators that produce content on a regular basis. It’s similar to Kickstarter, but instead of having a deadline to reach a certain goal, Patreon campaigns are ongoing. You can either donate money per month or per new […]

16 Oct 14 Jerrod Smith

New Post Schedule, ComiXology, New Web Design

A Change to Our Weekly Schedule So let me start by saying first of all, we’re not posting a new page today. If you’ve been following us for the past month or so, you’ve probably noticed we haven’t been sticking as strictly to our schedule lately. This year we’ve been moving in a different direction. […]

26 Mar 14 Jerrod Smith

The New BlackGuard Logo, comiXology

Sorry we don’t have a new page today, but we do have a few updates for you all. BlackGuard Logo Back in January, I posted a blog about us working on a new design for the BlackGuard logo. We actually finalized that a while ago. I just never got the time to post a new […]

14 Mar 14 Jerrod Smith

Designing a New BlackGuard Logo

I guess it was about three years ago that Will and I decided that if we were going to have BlackGuard printed as a comic, we really needed a logo to put on the front cover. Actually, to be honest, we may have come up with the logo a little earlier than that. That was […]

29 Jan 14 Jerrod Smith
BOSC Comics

When Is Perfectionism Too Much?

I think this is a valid question that anyone with, or attempting to attain, a career in a creative field should ask him/herself. I asked myself this same question more times than I could count in 2013, and I expect I will repeat that habit this upcoming year. I don’t necessarily see that as a […]

16 Jan 14 Jerrod Smith

What We’ve Been Up to Lately

Since reaching the halfway point of “The Hero Plot Trial”, we’ve been a little quiet. I just wanted to do a real quick blog to let those wondering know what we’ve been up to. Will, first of all, has been doing a lot of chibi-style drawings. You can find some of those in our artwork […]

10 Jan 14 Jerrod Smith

My Conversation with Darius Doome

Lately, I’ve been having a problem with staying focused. It’s not that I’m losing my passion for BlackGuard. It’s everything else that goes along with trying to make BlackGuard, as well as BOSC Comics, successful. There’s a part of me that feels like there just isn’t enough time in the day, but there’s also a […]

30 Oct 13 Jerrod Smith

Back from Vacation

We’ve been a little quiet for the past week, but now we’re back. We actually took a short vacation up to Myrtle Beach last week to see our parents. It was nice to get away from BOSC Comics for a couple days. We needed a little break before jumping into The Hero Plot Trial. Speaking […]

10 Jul 13 Jerrod Smith

Choosing a Tagline Part 2

I’m going to pick up where I left off Wednesday, looking at different possibilities for a tagline for BOSC Comics. I know this isn’t the most interesting or exciting topic, but I think it’s important to actually put some thought into. If you missed part 1, you can read it here. Here’s the list of […]

21 Jun 13 Jerrod Smith

Choosing a Tagline Part 1

I’ve been thinking of adding a tagline somewhere to our site. A couple days ago I started working on a design for the section where it would be added, but then I realized I couldn’t settle on a design until I knew exactly what would go there. I came up with one about two weeks […]

19 Jun 13 Jerrod Smith

Not Much to Say

Well, I have bad news and good news. The bad news: I don’t have much of a blog prepared for today. The good news: I decided to skip out on today’s blog to wrap up the script for BlackGuard’s “The Hero Plot Trial”, which is nearly finished. I really didn’t expect this script to take […]

05 Jun 13 Jerrod Smith

Who We Are. What We Do.

I’ve been reading up on marketing lately. As we approach getting BlackGuard: Volume 1 printed, I realize just printing the books won’t be enough. Even getting them on shelves won’t be enough. We have to generate an interest in the book. More importantly, we need to generate an interest in us. One book I’ve been […]

31 May 13 Jerrod Smith

Do They Have to Be a “Dysfunctional” Black Team?

I was having trouble thinking of something to write about today. Then I went to our website and noticed the image we currently have on the home page is of four black characters apparently being arrested. I wondered how that image may look to someone unfamiliar with BlackGuard. Will they look at it and be […]

29 May 13 Jerrod Smith

Touching Up Old Pages

I’ve been wanting to go back and clean up some of our pages for a while now. Originally, I was going to ignore them, but once we started looking towards seriously selling BlackGuard as a comic, I decided it would be a worthwhile investment of time. Some pages are going to require more changes than […]

24 May 13 Jerrod Smith

BlackGuard Coming to Shelves

Like I said in the last blog, we’re currently looking to make BlackGuard available in more forms than just our website. We’re hoping to reach new fans this way. The website has been growing steadily, but the more channels through which we can make ourselves known, the better. First of all, we want to get […]

22 May 13 Jerrod Smith

The Hero Plot Trial and BlackGuard: Volume 1

We haven’t kept up with this blog much in the past. From now on, Will and I are going to try to post on here at least weekly. Overall, we’re trying to be more communicative with our audience. That includes Facebook and Twitter also. So we wrapped up “BlackGuard vs. The Goonz” about two months […]

17 May 13 Jerrod Smith

Observing The BlackGuard Entry 15: Jonnie Staples and Darius Doome

Finally, we conclude this series of journal entries with what can be considered either the most promising or most disturbing relationship amongst the team: Jonnie Staples and Darius Doome. Up until this point, the best I have been able to say about any of the team relationships is that two members may have an understanding […]

08 Oct 12 Jerrod Smith

Observing The BlackGuard Entry 14: Afia Melanin and O.D.A.N.

This next pairing begets the most animosity, next to the Jonnie/Odan rivalry. The two most confrontational members of The BlackGuard: Odan and Afia. I know I said in a previous entry that Jonnie was the most prone towards acts of violence alongside Afia, and I still stand by that, but Odan is still the only […]

19 Sep 12 Jerrod Smith

Observing The BlackGuard Entry 13: Eli Mercer and Sequoia

I guess every “family” must have a mother figure and a father figure. This leads me to Eli Mercer and Sequoia. Naturally, I see these two as the parents of the team because they are the two most responsible and level-headed. It has nothing to do with their relationship with one another. After all, Eli […]

06 Sep 12 Jerrod Smith

Observing The BlackGuard Entry 12: O.D.A.N. and Sequoia

Now here is a relationship that requires very little insight: Odan and Sequoia. One does not have to be a genius to see that Odan and Sequoia come from opposite upbringings. Sequoia grew up surrounded by educated, well-mannered individuals. Odan grew up around hoodlums. Sequoia graduated from college with honors. Odan has not stepped foot […]

27 Aug 12 Jerrod Smith

Observing The BlackGuard Entry 11: Afia Melanin And Jonnie Staples

Today, I want to cover the many differences and similarities of Afia Melanin and Jonnie Staples. In this discussion, I guess I should start with the biggest difference in Jonnie and Afia, and that is humor. Jonnie tends to find humor under just about any condition. If he notices even the slightest joke in a […]

20 Aug 12 Jerrod Smith

Observing The BlackGuard Entry 10: Eli Mercer And Darius Doome

Now, I move to one of the most counter-productive relationships of The BlackGuard: Eli Mercer and Darius Doome. I call this relationship counter-productive because it seems to go against Eli’s intentions for the team. Eli started The BlackGuard as a means of rehabilitation. Each member of the team is there because they have ‘issues’ that […]

04 Aug 12 Jerrod Smith

Observing The BlackGuard Entry 9: Odan And Darius Doome

Slowly, but surely, I’m trudging through this series of entries. Let’s continue with Odan and Darius. I would have expected there to be more animosity between these two than I’ve currently seen. Despite his small frame, Odan has the personality of the typical bully, and from my personal experience, bullies tend to pick on the […]

09 Jul 12 Jerrod Smith

Observing The BlackGuard Entry 8: Afia Melanin And Sequoia

Today, I continue my analysis of the social interaction amongst The BlackGuard by looking at Afia Melanin and Sequoia. Afia and Sequoia have a relationship unlike any other in the team due to the fact that they are the only two females. I feel that a kinship has formed between these two ladies as both […]

26 Jun 12 Jerrod Smith

Observing The BlackGuard Entry 7: Mercer And Staples

I’ve allowed myself to get distracted and have been remiss in my entries on the individual relationships of The BlackGuard. Today, I resume the process with an observation of Eli Mercer and Jonnie Staples. I noticed quickly that any interaction between Eli and Jonnie can become an explosive situation, like introducing fire to gasoline. This […]

09 Jun 12 Jerrod Smith

A Step-by-Step Tutorial by Will

I’ve had requests to show my process with prisma marker coloring, and though I can’t video record myself yet, I think I’ll use this sketch to show my progress step by step. Step 1: Penciling So far, you’re seeing the very messy pencil lines that I lay down first. This is normally where I think […]

17 May 12 Jerrod Smith

Observing The BlackGuard Entry 6: Staples And Sequoia

Today, I want to discuss the peculiar “friendship?” of Sequoia and Jonnie. Originally, I saw Sequoia as having the same relationship with Jonnie as she does with Darius. Like Darius, Jonnie often has an obscured view of reality, which greatly contrasts with Sequoia’s sensible nature. However, where Sequoia chooses to simply ignore Darius, she often […]

30 Apr 12 Jerrod Smith

Observing The BlackGuard Entry 5: Melanin and Doome

Let’s take a look at Darius Doome and Afia Melanin, two individuals who are the epitome of brains and brawn. I’d like to start by saying there are two things Darius and Afia have in common: Both see themselves as superior, and both use each other in battle. When Mercer is not present, which is […]

06 Apr 12 Jerrod Smith

Observing The BlackGuard Entry 4: Mercer And Odan

This entry covers the mentor/student relationship that seems to have formed between Odan and Eli Mercer. Whenever I see Odan and Mercer interact with one another, I think of a “black sitcom”. I could picture Mercer as the once famous professional athlete who returns to his former high school as a no-nonsense coach. Upon returning […]

27 Mar 12 Jerrod Smith

Observing The BlackGuard Entry 3: Sequoia And Doome

In today’s entry, I’ll be discussing the odd dynamic between Darius Doome and Sequoia. This has probably been the most difficult relationship to analyze thus far, most likely due to the lack of communication between these two. It is as if they speak two different languages, with Sequoia speaking the language of sensibility, and Darius […]

20 Mar 12 Jerrod Smith

Observing The BlackGuard Entry 2: Staples And Odan

Today’s entry covers what is quite possibly the most antagonistic relationship amongst The BlackGuard: Jonnie Staples and O.D.A.N. At first, one might see Staples and Odan as having a sibling-like rivalry. They bicker constantly, ruthlessly insult and criticize one another, and compete with each other in every way possible. The amount of effort that Mercer […]

09 Mar 12 Jerrod Smith

Observing The BlackGuard Entry 1: Mercer and Melanin

I have begun my sessions with the super(hero?) team, The BlackGuard. They are quite unlike any other group I’ve counseled before. In the short amount of time I have spent amongst them, I’ve noticed a bevy of complex relationships among the members of the group. In these series of entries, I will be discussing how […]

27 Feb 12 Jerrod Smith

Natural Hair

Here’s a pencil drawing that I did of Melanin…..showcasing her not often seen soft side. This pic was inspired from a conversation I had with my friend Ansley Jukeboxx Jones on Facebook about natural hair. She shared a story that painted a beautiful picture in my head. Ansley told me: “yep! And for women and […]

15 Dec 11 Jerrod Smith

What’s Next?

I’m going to keep this short, but I thought I should write something to let everyone know what to expect from BOSC Comics for the next few weeks. So, the page we posted yesterday was the final page of “Monkey See… Monkey Free?!” I’ve been working on the rough draft of the next chapter for […]

27 Oct 11 Jerrod Smith

Cola-Con, Blackguard Issue #1, and More…

So this is probably the first blog I’ve written in a few months. I’ve gotten behind on my work ever since I took on a second website (I’ll talk about that later). We had to push a few pages back over the past couple of weeks due to our packed schedules. I’ll try to catch […]

16 Sep 11 Jerrod Smith

“Monkey See… Monkey Free?!” Part 26

So, originally, we said we would have a new page from The Great Purging this week instead of a new Blackguard page. And yet here we are, promoting MSMF: Part 26 instead of a new TGP page. Well, there are a few reasons for that, but the main one is that the characters of TGP […]

11 May 11 Jerrod Smith

“Monkey See… Monkey Free?!” Parts 22 & 23

This week we have two new pages of “Monkey See… Monkey Free?!”, with Part 22 and Part 23. We found some new fonts recently, so the lettering on these two latest pages looks better than ever. It’s funny looking at these pages and comparing them to the ones we were posting less than a year […]

13 Apr 11 Jerrod Smith

Megacon 2011

So Will and I went to Megacon in Orlando, Florida recently. It was our first comic book convention so we weren’t quite sure what to expect. Our goal was basically to educate ourselves. First, to educate ourselves on what independent comic creators do to prepare for a convention. Second, to educate ourselves on getting a […]

11 Apr 11 Jerrod Smith

“Monkey See… Monkey Free?!” Part 20/21

We got a late start on this week’s post because we had trouble deciding on the layout of the page. Finally, Will came up with the two-page spread. The combination of having a late start and having tow pages to color caused us to have to push the post back to today. But better late […]

07 Apr 11 Jerrod Smith

Back From Megacon With “Monkey See” 19

So Will and I went to Megacon over the weekend. With our job being a little short-staffed, we had to work extra hours Monday – Thursday in order to get the weekend off, which is why we didn’t post anything new last week. But this week we have Part 19 of “Monkey See… Monkey Free?!” […]

30 Mar 11 Jerrod Smith

Blackguard: One Year Old

It was about a year ago that Will and I came up with the idea for Blackguard. I had just moved to Savannah after graduating college. We were both anxious to start working on something, but wanted our first project to be something we weren’t already attached to. Will was actually the one who came […]

19 Nov 10 Jerrod Smith

An Introduction to BOSC Comics

The BOSC Comics website has been up for about two and a half months now, and I decided our first blog entry should explain what we’re about, and what our plans are for the future of the site. First of all, I think what makes us different from most other webcomics is that we have […]

19 Sep 10 Jerrod Smith