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BlackGuard Chapter Format

24 Jan 17
Jerrod Smith
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In case you missed it, we recently started Issue 8 of BlackGuard (the beginning of “Ghosts of Sins Past”) on the website. What we posted isn’t the entire issue, just the first chapter. From now on, instead of posting a page at a time, we’ll be posting around 7 at a time as chapters. Will is drawing the next chapter as we speak, and it should be on the way soon.

The last real update I remember doing on this blog was when I talked about possibly starting a store on the website. That was almost a year ago. It turns out I don’t have nearly enough time to deal with that along with all our other projects. I wouldn’t count on seeing an online store anytime in the near future. I apologize for that, but we do have some other things in the works that should make up for that.


Side Projects

21 Nuke Salute

In the meantime, (shameless plugs coming) I also started working on a new project called 21 Nuke Salute, which can best be described as a production company. We have a weekly podcast and are currently working on a couple film projects, including comedy sketches and music videos. You can find some of our work on our Facebook page and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud. And just for the hell of it, we’re also on Twitter [@21nukesalute] and Instagram [21nukesalute].

Stand Up Comedy

Did I mention I’ve also been doing stand up comedy for the past 3 years? I might start posting videos of that on my personal Instagram [jerrodbosc] some time soon..


In the meantime, Will has been blowing up on Twitter [@WillieJSmithII] and Instagram [suicidal_assassin] for his WWE drawings, recognized by many wrestling stars themselves.


So, yes, we’ve been busy, but trust me, we have not forgotten about the BlackGuard.


-Jerrod Smith



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