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BOSC Comics Store On the Way!

05 Jan 16
Jerrod Smith
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It’s 2016, and BOSC Comics is planning on making a comeback this year. We had to take a year off from making comics to recharge and focus on other projects, but this year will be different than 2015.

We’re not saying things are going to return to the way they were. We’re still not going to be doing weekly pages webcomic style, but we will be putting out more BlackGuard content. One thing we want to focus on this year is the quality of each page. We’re not going to rush pages to meet a weekly deadline anymore. We’ve begun to see BlackGuard in a different light and want the product to reflect that.

Another thing we have planned for this year is the launch of our store. We’re going to start small, just selling a few items, and hopefully grow from there. We still have copies of issues 2-4 of BlackGuard around that we’ll try to burn through. Plus, we have a few potential posters we’re thinking about doing. Here’s one I came up with yesterday.

Demon Daze Poster

Potential BlackGuard poster – the Demon Daze EP

We want to have the store up before the end of the month. If you have any ideas for items you want to see in the store, suggest them here.




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