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6th B-Day

BlackGuard Issue 2 Finally Comes to comiXology

18 Dec 15
Jerrod Smith
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Issue 1 of BlackGuard appeared on the digital comic site comiXology awhile ago, and to tell you the truth, all seven completed issues were supposed to be up by now, but Will and I got busy with other projects and had to delay that for some time.

But now we’re back on track and happy to announce that issue to of the comic has been accepted by comiXology Submit. We’ll let everyone know when it finally goes on sale.

In the meantime, checkout Will-s redraw of one of the first BlackGuard group pictures from six years ago! The original is on the left. That used to be the image on our old business cards.

6th B-Day

One of the original BlackGuard images redrawn 6 years later



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