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Abbey Road

Even More Promo Art!

09 Sep 15
Jerrod Smith
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It’s been a few weeks since the last update but the artwork’s still coming.  Before we get into that though, I just wanted to let everyone know we will be making major changes to the website soon.  The home page of the blog will become the main home page, and the blog will become our main place for news and updates.  The BlackGuard comic will still be on the site, it just won’t be the first thing you see anymore.  We’re also going to separate the comic into issues instead of story arcs when the change happens.

Anyway, we have two more entries in the Famous Fours series, starting with one of the most commonly remade pictures, “Abbey Road”.

Abbey Road

The BlackGuard walk Abbey Road

Also, the front cover of Fantastic Four #1

Fantastic Four

The Blacktastic Four!

Other than that we got some more duo shots, featuring the semi-friendship of Darius Doome and Jonnie Staples…

Doome and Staples

The “buddies” of the BlackGuard

And the only two responsible people in this messed up team, Eli Mercer and Sequoia.

Sequoia and Mercer

The Logic and the Leadership



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