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TMNT Promo

More Promo Art!

21 Aug 15
Jerrod Smith
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Will and I are still working on “Ghosts of Sins Past”, but until that’s ready, we’ll keep updating you all with new artwork and designs.

In continuation of the “Famous Fours” series, here’s the BlackGuard recreating the classic Ninja Turtles cover. As two guys that grew up on Ninja Turtles, we couldn’t NOT do this.

TMNT Promo

The BlackGuard do their best Turtles impression.

We also have the two cockiest members of the team, Melanin and Odan, posing together for once.


The biggest egos in the BlackGuard.

Last, here’s another Melanin pic. Unfortunately the colored version didn’t come out that great, but the inked version still looks good.

Mel Inked

Melanin Inked



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