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BlackGuard Returning for 2015!

30 Apr 15
Jerrod Smith
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Sup. It’s been a while since we gave you all any updates on the comic. We apologize for the silence, but we promise that it’s because we’ve been mad busy, not lazy.

So, as we said a few months ago, BlackGuard will be changing slightly with the next upcoming story arc. We’re basically abandoning the webcomic format and going with a traditional comic book style. This means larger panels and a slightly slower pacing of the story. It’s fitting that we’re making this change for the next chapter, currently titled “Ghosts of Sins Past” (GOSP), as it will have a slightly more emotional tone than past arcs.

Speaking of GOSP, Will and I are excited about this arc because it explores a topic we’ve been asked about since BlackGuard first launched: What are the back-stories of the BlackGuard? In the past, we’ve hinted at aspects of each character’s past (most notably in The Hero Plot Trial), but avoided giving away too much info. GOSP will be the start of exploring their backgrounds. I say “start” because honestly, between the seven members of the team, there’s too much back-story to fit into this storyline.

One last thing I wanted to mention. If you’re following us on Twitter and Facebook, you’ve probably seen updates from us over the past few weeks with #IndiePower. We became part of the new Indie Comics Power network. Basically, it’s a group of independent comic creators and publishers that have all come together to share our audiences by sharing each other’s content through social media. If you have a comic and want in, try visiting this page, and let the guys in charge know about your book.

That’s all for now. Peace.




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