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BlackGuard to Be Restructured Soon

14 Nov 14
Jerrod Smith
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We’re approaching the end of “The Hero Plot Trial” in BlackGuard. Once it’s done we’ll be taking a quick break for the holidays. The next you’ll be seeing from us will be updates on the developments of the next story arc (currently title “Vendetta” but not for certain). These will most likely be new outfit and character designs.

Once we start the chapter though, pages won’t be posted the way they used to be. Instead of doing a page a week and posting them one at a time, we’ll be posting multiple pages at a time. We’re doing this because we want to move away from the ‘strip’ style with BlackGuard. In the beginning, BlackGuard was supposed to be a blend of a comic book and a comic strip. Lately, we’ve begun to see it more as just an online comic book. The strip style, though fun and good for bringing in new readers, limits the amount of true storytelling we can do, and considering the next chapter is going to be doing a lot of character and relationship developments, we decided now was the time to make the switch.

You can expect to see this change, and possibly a few others, in the next few months. In the meantime, here’s today’s new BlackGuard page.

The Hero Plot Trial P56




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