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New Rock 106.1 Comic Strip

31 Oct 14
Jerrod Smith
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So you may have heard that Will had to have a wisdom tooth removed last week. That put us behind a little, which is why we didn’t post a new page last week and probably won’t have one this week either.

On a good note though, we started a monthly comic strip for the Savannah/Hilton Head radio station Rock 106.1. We’re still not sure whether or not we’re going to post these strips on our main page too, but we’ll at least make an announcement every time we do a new one. Here’s the Walking Dead inspired first strip.

Rock 106.1 Strip: Full Governor

In other news, you may start seeing some changes in the way we communicate with our audience in the near future. I think we may begin to put more focus on this blog as the main news feed. You probably noticed the message that popped up in the center of the page or the little “Join the community” banner in the lower right of the screen. Feel free to sign in using your Facebook or Google+ profile.

The last bit of news I have is about the design of our main page. For a long time, we used the floating page that moved in response to the mouse pointer. This was for two reasons: 1) To account for double page spreads that normally wouldn’t fit into the window. 2) To allow our readers to browse through pages without having to constantly scroll down. We recently got rid of that, so now the page just stays n place. Unless we hear any objections from people who liked it the old way, we’ll stick to this basic layout.

See ya next week.

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