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Back from Vacation

10 Jul 13
Jerrod Smith
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We’ve been a little quiet for the past week, but now we’re back. We actually took a short vacation up to Myrtle Beach last week to see our parents. It was nice to get away from BOSC Comics for a couple days. We needed a little break before jumping into The Hero Plot Trial. Speaking of which, here’s what Will’s been up to:

These are thumbnails of a few pages of the upcoming BlackGuard chapter. We know it’s been a long time since we posted anything new, but we plan to take our time with this one. We plan for the next two issues to surpass all our past issues in all areas. That includes artwork, storytelling, action and comedy. So be patient, there’s a reason for the delay.

While Will’s been storyboarding, I’ve been slowly making my way through our business plan. I’ve also been looking at a printing service called PrintNinja. They actually have a price calculator that you can use to try out different printing options to see how the overall price varies. You can change cover type, paper quality, binding, dimensions, page numbers, order number and more. They also have various categories from books to magazines to comics to graphic novels. Also, they do their printing overseas, so the prices are pretty cheap. Even with the cost of shipping and handling, it’s still cheaper than printing with Ka-Blam, especially with large orders. They also seem to be known for their support in guiding you through the printing process. Right now, Print Ninja looks like who we want to print with.

On another note, you may have noticed the website was down for a couple days. We apologize for that. Our domain name expired. I’m not sure how it expired since our account was set to automatically renew and there was more than enough money in my account. But whatever, I paid manually, and now everything’s back.

We hope to have some more info on The Hero Plot Trial soon. Until then, peace.

– Jerrod



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