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Megacon 2011

11 Apr 11
Jerrod Smith
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So Will and I went to Megacon in Orlando, Florida recently. It was our first comic book convention so we weren’t quite sure what to expect. Our goal was basically to educate ourselves. First, to educate ourselves on what independent comic creators do to prepare for a convention. Second, to educate ourselves on getting a book published.

The first thing we noticed going in was how crowded the place was. The second thing we noticed was the girl in the Milena (of Mortal Kombat) outfit, but that’s getting off (Ha! “getting off”) subject. We were there with two friends of ours, and it was so packed that we had trouble simply sticking together while trying to move through the sea of unwashed nerds. A lot of the people there were pretty pushy and annoying. To tell you the truth, the comic book geeks weren’t all that bad. It was the anime fanboys who were a pain in the ass. You can only take so many Naruto’s and Inuyasha’s before you want to Kamehameha someone.

After the first 15 minutes of shoving our way through a wall of fans practically popping boners for their favorite comic characters (or the chick dressed like Princess Leia), we found the Artist’s Alley. This area was less crowded and populated with other artists and writers. We spent the majority of the day there, talking to other indie creators. We had a portfolio of the first 18 pages of “Monkey See… Monkey Free?!”, without the lettering, which we got to show around. We even got to meet Sanford Greene.

By the end of the day, we were both thinking the same thing: We need to come back here next year, but this time with our own booth and a a few copies of the first chapter of Blackguard. We’ve always been driven to do create comics, but Megacon just lit the fire beneath us.

We managed to take a few pictures while there also:

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– Jerrod



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