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Observing The BlackGuard Entry 15: Jonnie Staples and Darius Doome

08 Oct 12
Jerrod Smith
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Finally, we conclude this series of journal entries with what can be considered either the most promising or most disturbing relationship amongst the team: Jonnie Staples and Darius Doome.

Up until this point, the best I have been able to say about any of the team relationships is that two members may have an understanding or some respect for one another. None have come close to resembling a friendship. This is what makes Jonnie and Darius interesting. It’s difficult to say whether these two actually consider each other as a friend. I find it hard to believe either of them has any friends. Even as members of The BlackGuard, both seem to be staunchly focused on their chosen career paths (Darius’s mad scientist career and Jonnie’s mercenary career) and have little time for anything else.

What I can say is that Jonnie and Darius do not mind each other’s company. In battle, they are the two most likely to actually use teamwork. Outside of combat, they may share an occasional laugh or two. Perhaps they have found common ground in their solitary lifestyles. Maybe they have reached out to one another to achieve something that has been missing from both their lives. Possibly, a bond has formed here that will help to rehabilitate these two men into heroes. That would be the inspirational way to look at their semi-friendship, but there is also a more irksome, and more believable, way to see things.

Frankly, Darius and Jonnie are the two least mentally stable members of The BlackGuard. They recognize this in each other and are, dare I say, drawn to one another. In some strange, twisted way, it’s as if crazy attracts crazy. Instead of finding hope in this “friendship”, I’m in fact worried by it. I don’t see the pairing of Jonnie and Darius as being helpful to either of their psyches. It will more likely be harmful as both encourage each other to roam farther and farther to the edges of their sanity. I can only imagine what will happen when both go completely over the edge.

And on that grim note, I conclude my “Observing The BlackGuard” series. This team has a number of interpersonal conflicts, but I, Dr. Hugo Cranium, am here to help them work through their numerous issues. I see nothing but success in our collective futures!

– Dr. Hugo Cranium

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