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Observing The BlackGuard Entry 11: Afia Melanin And Jonnie Staples

20 Aug 12
Jerrod Smith
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Today, I want to cover the many differences and similarities of Afia Melanin and Jonnie Staples.

In this discussion, I guess I should start with the biggest difference in Jonnie and Afia, and that is humor. Jonnie tends to find humor under just about any condition. If he notices even the slightest joke in a situation, he makes sure to point it out to the rest of the team, whether they appreciate it or not. Afia, on the other hand, finds very little to be funny about any situation (She obviously has not gotten any of MY witty remarks). If Afia does have a sense of humor, it probably revolves around the downfall of the “white man”.

That leads me to another difference between these two: their views on race. In Afia’s mind everything has some sort of racial connotation. Just about any action she witnesses is racially motivated in her eyes. I honestly believe that she is so driven to see her own race prosper that she projects her viewpoints onto everyone else. Since all of her actions are racially motivated, everyone’s actions must be racially motivated. In contrast, Jonnie could care less about the racial issues of the world. Even in the presence of blatant racism, Jonnie simply ignores it. I don’t know whether he is in denial of the presence of racism or just so self-absorbed that he does not concern himself with it. Either way, I think his refusal to acknowledge it bothers Afia intensely.

There are two traits that these two do share though. Both are impulsive, and both are violent. I guess you could say that all the members of The BlackGuard are violent, but Afia and Jonnie tend to get more satisfaction out of their violent actions than their other two teammates. Impulsiveness combined with a violent nature means these two are always the first to jump into battle. It’s funny how these two are so quick to jump into a fight, and neither is fighting for the same cause.

– Dr. Hugo Cranium

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