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Observing The BlackGuard Entry 10: Eli Mercer And Darius Doome

04 Aug 12
Jerrod Smith
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Now, I move to one of the most counter-productive relationships of The BlackGuard: Eli Mercer and Darius Doome.

I call this relationship counter-productive because it seems to go against Eli’s intentions for the team. Eli started The BlackGuard as a means of rehabilitation. Each member of the team is there because they have ‘issues’ that make them liabilities if left unchecked. Since arriving at the base, I’ve witnessed Eli’s attempts to restrict the negative attributes of each member and endorse their positive attributes. But therein lies the problem with Darius.

For every other member of the BlackGuard, the negatives and the positives can be separated. Darius, not so much. His insanity and his genius appear to be one and the same. I honestly believe (and obviously, so does Eli) that if one were to somehow remove Darius’s insanity, he would then become just another average scientist. The same mind that may invent a radioactive toaster one day may very likely hold the key to defeating a dangerous adversary the next.

Of all the members of The BlackGuard, Darius has had the most ‘successful’ career as a super-villain. His methods, though strange at times, are unquestionably effective. Eli is more than aware of this. In a team that is three fourths direct offense, he realizes just how valuable a strategic mind is on the field. Without Darius, the BlackGuard initiative would most definitely fail, and then no one would benefit. This puts Eli in a very conflicted position. In order to ensure that his team is victorious, he must allow, and sometimes even encourage, Doome to be Doome.

What really makes this situation troubling is not only how it affects Darius, but also what it does to Eli. Of course, Darius will continue to be an unstable individual, but I can only imagine the turmoil Eli’s conscience is undergoing. Having to set aside one’s principles in order to achieve necessary results. In this case, I’m actually more concerned with the mental status of Eli.

– Dr. Hugo Cranium

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