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Observing The BlackGuard Entry 9: Odan And Darius Doome

09 Jul 12
Jerrod Smith
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Slowly, but surely, I’m trudging through this series of entries. Let’s continue with Odan and Darius.

I would have expected there to be more animosity between these two than I’ve currently seen. Despite his small frame, Odan has the personality of the typical bully, and from my personal experience, bullies tend to pick on the “brainy” types. however, I’ve yet to see Odan make fun of Darius. This could, of course, be due to the fact that he has me here to ridicule instead, but, somehow, I feel it’s more than that

Though Darius may be a scientist, he is to a great extent a bully himself. Before joining The BlackGuard, he earned a reputation as a notorious super-villain. In this strange world of super-powered beings, this earns Darius some “hood credibility” with Odan. Of course, in typical bully fashion, Darius is always quick to endorse Odan’s derision of others (once again, most commonly me). Darius even goes as far as attempting to instigate a response from Odan’s victims. I’m uncertain as to whether he does this in order to accomplish something or just for his own personal enjoyment.

Of course there is one trait common to both Odan and Darius: boastfulness. Both men seem to be compelled to announce their own greatness to anyone within shouting distance, and both tend to be very long-winded about it. When it comes to these two, bragging about oneself is an art-form. It’s actually quite theatrical at times.

I still wouldn’t go as far as to say Odan and Darius are friends. In fact, I don’t even feel comfortable saying they get along. All I’m willing to say right now is that at the moment, Odan and Darius are not (excuse the following colorful expression) “on each others’ s#!t-lists”. Considering these two enormous ego’s, however, it’s only a matter of time before they bump heads.

– Dr. Hugo Cranium

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