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Blackguard: One Year Old

19 Nov 10
Jerrod Smith
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It was about a year ago that Will and I came up with the idea for Blackguard. I had just moved to Savannah after graduating college. We were both anxious to start working on something, but wanted our first project to be something we weren’t already attached to. Will was actually the one who came to me with the suggestion of starting on a fresh series.

At the time I was really into comics about villains and wanted to work on something with “non-heroes”, meaning something with villains, anti-heroes, or anything morally ambiguous. I think Will was on the same page because he came up with the first character for the new series, Jonnie Staples. I think a week or two after that, the name Darius Doom popped into my head one day while walking home, and I created a character based simply on the name later that night. I think this was around Halloween time, because not long after that, I took my cheap idea for a costume (a ninja from the hood) and made a character out of it. By the end of November, Will decided he wanted a strong (physically and emotionally) female character, based off of a conversation he had with his girlfriend about the lack of strong black females in media.

There were still more major characters to come in the future, but it was around this time that we were able to finally envision this team. We now had four characters that we could build this series around. So as we approach the end of November, Will and I have decided to celebrate the one year anniversary of Blackguard, and we’re going to start the celebration by ending the pilot strips and posting the first issue of the actual storyline in the next few days. So keep checking back with us, because I promise this series is only going to get better.


Blackguard: One Year Anniversary



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