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Observing The BlackGuard Entry 8: Afia Melanin And Sequoia

26 Jun 12
Jerrod Smith
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Today, I continue my analysis of the social interaction amongst The BlackGuard by looking at Afia Melanin and Sequoia.

Afia and Sequoia have a relationship unlike any other in the team due to the fact that they are the only two females. I feel that a kinship has formed between these two ladies as both try to maintain their sanity while surrounded by outlandish males.

That’s not to say they always agree with one another. Sequoia is a thinker, and Afia is a “do-er”, as one might call it. Where Sequoia prefers to analyze a situation and gather all information before acting, Afia often jumps to conclusions (and then to action). Sequoia has no qualms about pointing out flaws in Afia’s logic, something most people, especially those without superhuman abilities, would be reluctant to do.

Afia, however, does not take her usual confrontational tone with Sequoia as she does with others. It appears Sequoia may actually be capable of talking sense into Afia from time to time. Though Afia tends to value brawn over brains, I believe she may actually respect Sequoia for her intelligence. This could be due to the fact that Sequoia has a vast knowledge of African history and culture.

One thing I find intriguing is the occasional admiration Sequoia has for Afia. She may not follow her logic at times, but Sequoia is still fascinated by Afia’s dominance on not only the battlefield, but in just about every argument she ever has. I believe there’s a repressed side of Sequoia that looks up to Afia. She’s the defintion of an empowered woman.

– Dr. Hugo Cranium

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