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Observing The BlackGuard Entry 6: Staples And Sequoia

30 Apr 12
Jerrod Smith
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Today, I want to discuss the peculiar “friendship?” of Sequoia and Jonnie.

Originally, I saw Sequoia as having the same relationship with Jonnie as she does with Darius. Like Darius, Jonnie often has an obscured view of reality, which greatly contrasts with Sequoia’s sensible nature. However, where Sequoia chooses to simply ignore Darius, she often competes with Jonnie in a game of wits. Both of these two seem to appreciate the art of a perfectly timed quip (often at the expense of Mercer), so any “conversation” they have is normally a sparring match of one-liners and jabbing insults, with each mocking blow causing the smirks on their faces to grow.

As a former student of mine, I am well aware that Sequoia enjoys laughing at others more so than just laughing with them. I find it quite intriguing that, of all the members of The BlackGuard, Jonnie seems to be the one that can make her laugh simply by berating another teammate. I would say that she’s simply amused at the target of the insult, but I notice that the jeers directed by Jonnie are often the ones that cause her to quietly giggle to herself.

It is their common love of sarcastic gibes that causes me to believe there is a mutual respect between Jonnie and Sequoia…… and possibly something more.

– Dr. Hugo Cranium

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    Staples and Sequoia would make for an interesting couple, and it would be even more interesting to see how it would play out.

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