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Observing The BlackGuard Entry 5: Melanin and Doome

06 Apr 12
Jerrod Smith
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Let’s take a look at Darius Doome and Afia Melanin, two individuals who are the epitome of brains and brawn.

I’d like to start by saying there are two things Darius and Afia have in common: Both see themselves as superior, and both use each other in battle. When Mercer is not present, which is surprisingly often considering the BlackGuard consists of mostly super-villains, both of these two feel that they should naturally take control. With Mercer having no appointed field leader, again, surprisingly neglectful on his part, there seems to be a clash of who calls the shots. What makes this situation interesting is that both Afia and Darius are oblivious to each others’ perceived leadership position.

Afia associates a person’s strength in battle with their overall worth to the team. With Darius having very little physical prowess, he is the most worthless in Afia’s eyes. Still, even Afia realizes his scientific mind comes in handy when the occasional annoyance that can’t be solved by her fists comes along. She may occasionally call on him to use his brain to remove an obstacle in her path, but once he does, she returns to viewing him as useless.

Darius does not seem to be bothered by Afia’s perception of him. I’m not sure if he just doesn’t pay attention to it, or if he just values her opinion that little. Just like Afia uses him, Darius also uses Afia. Darius sees himself as the mastermind of The BlackGuard, and his three teammates are his minions, there to take damage in his stead. Afia fits this position best with her invulnerability. She can give and take punches all day, giving Darius ample time to perfect his schemes.

– Dr. Hugo Cranium

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