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Observing The BlackGuard Entry 3: Sequoia And Doome

20 Mar 12
Jerrod Smith
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In today’s entry, I’ll be discussing the odd dynamic between Darius Doome and Sequoia.

This has probably been the most difficult relationship to analyze thus far, most likely due to the lack of communication between these two. It is as if they speak two different languages, with Sequoia speaking the language of sensibility, and Darius speaking the language of… well, crazy.

Darius is, undoubtedly, insane. He revels in insanity. He surrounds himself in it. If it’s normal, Darius Doome is not interested in it. As a result, he seems to disregard Sequoia almost entirely. Her rational way of thinking is of no concern to him. If anything, he seems to be just as confused by her view of the world as she is of his. Oddly enough, through Darius’s eyes, Sequoia is the crazy one.

One thing that I find interesting is how little Darius’s insanity concerns Sequoia. Sequoia seems to be the glue that holds The BlackGuard together. She tends to hold the responsibility of keeping everyone on the same page. Her method of dealing with each teammate differs from person to person. Her way of keeping Darius on track is doing absolutely nothing at all. She may not understand most of what goes on in that fractured mind of his, but if there’s one thing she gets, it’s that Darius loves a unique challenge. As long as The BlackGuard continue to face dangerous (and unusual) opponents, such as this “Crucial The Ape”, Darius is prepared to face it. Ironically, the most unstable member of The BlackGuard, is the one Sequoia worries about the least.

– Dr. Hugo Cranium

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