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Observing The BlackGuard Entry 2: Staples And Odan

09 Mar 12
Jerrod Smith
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Today’s entry covers what is quite possibly the most antagonistic relationship amongst The BlackGuard: Jonnie Staples and O.D.A.N.

At first, one might see Staples and Odan as having a sibling-like rivalry. They bicker constantly, ruthlessly insult and criticize one another, and compete with each other in every way possible. The amount of effort that Mercer has to put into controlling their violent outbursts against each other, while simultaneously leading them in battle, reminds me of a father trying to separate his two sons in the back seat of a car while driving.

As I’ve watched Odan and Staples more closely, I’ve come to the realization that “sibling rivalry” is not a strong enough term for their relationship. They passed simple rivalry a long time ago. To put it simply, they hate each other’s guts. Their mutual contempt for one another appears to be deeply rooted, most likely originating from a time before they were even drafted into BlackGuard. Neither of the two seems to be willing to divulge what event started their long-running hatred. Considering how simple-minded Odan can be and how clearly psychotic Staples is, I wonder if even THEY can remember their first encounter.

It’s funny, though, how having each other as rivals makes them both more useful to the team. Both Odan and Staples have apparent issues with taking orders. Mercer would have a much harder time getting them to do anything if it were not for each wanting to prove himself better than the other. If the mission is to save innocent bystanders, then Odan wants to save more people than Staples, and vice versa. As long as they’re competing with each other, they’re always performing at the top of their game. What Mercer should be worried about is how effective either of the two would be without the other.

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