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Natural Hair

15 Dec 11
Jerrod Smith
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Here’s a pencil drawing that I did of Melanin…..showcasing her not often seen soft side. This pic was inspired from a conversation I had with my friend Ansley Jukeboxx Jones on Facebook about natural hair. She shared a story that painted a beautiful picture in my head. Ansley told me:

“yep! And for women and girls it’s long hair! I’ll never forget when I was in 6th grade, this white girl said, “Ansley, you would be so beautiful if your hair was long!” it really hurt. And once I became more aware of what that meant to me as an adult, I decided never to promote that kind of thinking. And just Yesterday I said to this 10 year old girl I was teaching “you starting locks?” She said “yes” I said “me too!” And she was like “oohh let me see!….. but they’re longer than mine.” And I said ” and yours are still beautiful. I think all locks are beautiful no matter what length, ‘cultivated’ or not.” She said ” I remember when I first got them I didn’t like them because I thought I looked like a boy.” And I said ” sweetie as women and girls we have to remember that our hair is beautiful no matter what length it is. And that we are beautiful no matter what. And I said you’re beautiful and don’t ever forget that.” And we hugged :).”

Also, gotta shout out Nikku Ebuntu for inspiring the idea of monochroming pencil lines….very effective technique 🙂


Natural Hair



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  1. Cyn Leach May 6, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    Beautiful sketchwork! 🙂

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